TICOSCEN INC, is a truly independent HPLC instrument services company & the WORLD's ONLY COMPANY specializing in all aspects of ELSD services. We readily and frequently perform FDA IQ/OQ/PQ'S, GMP/GLP installations. Ticoscen is also a factory trained and authorized service center for most models of ELSD. With Ticoscen's UNEQUALED, real-world, heuristic field servicing experience with ELSD's,Ticoscen has solved the toughest ELSD operational issues all over the world.

  • We size, sell and service backup power systems to keep your lab reliable and running.
  • We now service and install Michrom 2D and 3D capillary & NANO electrospray HLPC systems and LC Mass Spectrometers.
  • Ticoscen is a proven expert resource for many large LC instrument companies for tough problems.
  • Ticoscen's ELSD service contracts are comprehensive, proven and effective. Just ask Pfizer, GSK, Bristol Myers Squibb, Astra Zeneca, Novartis and MANY other research and development companies.
  • Ticoscen has proven many times over that bigger does not always mean "better". That's because we strive to be responsive, effective, timely and think outside the box. If there appears to be no solution available, we will find one or create one if we have to.
  • We have proven to our customers that BIGGER does not always equal BETTER.
  • Expert and effective servicing of many ELSD models including: 740, 960, 55/65/75/85/754, MKI,MKII(A),MKIII
  • 15 years of experience servicing Preparative Scale HPLC and GC instrumentation.

  • 15 years of specialized experience on Evaporative Light Scattering Detectors and CNLSD detectors.

  • Upgrades, rebuilds,repairs and service contracts available for all ELSD's.

  • We maintain a complete on-site parts inventory for quick turn-around.


Our State of the Art Testing Lab


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