The Worlds Only Expert Evaporative Light Scattering Detector Services Company.

First corporation to provide truely specialized ELSD service contracts.
Ticoscen provides unequalled ELSD functional knowledge, fine tuning, configuration, trouble shooting skills, method's development support and cGMP/cGLP/FDA compliance that others try to copy but never equal.Demand the best! Get service that's on target and done right the first time! Call Ticoscen!

  • Ticoscen provides application support, metrology,lectures and training seminars.
  • Founded in 1994, Ticoscen's consulting and comprehensive ELSD knowledge and experience remains unequalled.

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TICOSCEN is a  Factory Trained Service Center for:
  • NEW: Softa ELSD certified validation and service company.
  • NEW: Agilent 1100 & 1200 HPLC Certified for PM and Validation service company.
  • NEW: QUANT TECHNOLOGIES NQAD Certified CNLSD Service Experts.
  • Alltech ELSD certified validation and service company.
  • SSI Brand HPLC pumps and private label versions.
  • Michrom BioResources, Inc. 
  • Fischer Scientific Pump Repairs
  • LC Packings Ultimate Micro/Nano HPLC Systems 
  • Picometrics Zeptomole Zeta Laser Induced Fluorecence detectors 
  • Spark Holland Autosamplers.
  • Knauer UV detectors and pumps
  • Rheodyne/Suppelco automatic and manual switching valves
  • Bionysis OPLC
  • Wescan IC Detectors and Pumps
  • And many other current and orphaned instrument brands!

Ticoscen 14440 Cherry Lane Court #212 Laurel, MD 20707
1-800-617-4610 or 301-206-3036 phone * 301-369-9424 fax * email: website@ticoscen.com

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