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        Tim Reyburn’s company, Ticoscen Inc, specializes in Evaporative Light Scattering Detector depot repair services and field service support.
Timothy Reyburn’s company is located near several major airports in the mid-atlantic region. This allows him to be efficient and responsive to ELSD field service demands via air and surface travel. Tim Reyburn’s local, national and international ELSD clientele benefit from his years of heuristic repair knowledge and methods development trouble shooting skills. Timothy Reyburn has provided several University’s with donated ELSD’s and/or guest lectures.

       Tim Reyburn spent 9 years at VAREX from 1985-1994 immersing himself in separation science technology innovations. VAREX was featured in OMNI magazine in 1998 for it’s “Onion Meter” it designed for the USDA to help them with the Vidalia onion crop recovery. Timothy Reyburn worked with a team of highly talented international engineers and scientists that innovated and built custom HPLC and GC separation sciences technology instrumentation. In July 1994, Tim Reyburn started his own company: Ticoscen.

       Timothy Reyburn’s ELSD company specializes in the emerging and crucial area of Evaporative Light Scattering Detector services. ELSD’s are renowned for their ability to detect non-chromaphoric compounds. Tim Reyburn is “The ELSD Guy” that really knows how to keep your ELSD compliant with FDA regulations, metrology, validation, calibration via SOP, IQ/OQ/PQ-PV’s and PM’s right down to PC-board level component replacement surface mount chip repair work.  Timothy Reyburn is also quite familiar with the strength and weakness of many brands of ELSDs currently on the market. Tim Reyburn has honed his ELSD and HPLC trouble shooting skills for the past 23 years at Ticoscen.

       If you are having trouble with your ELSD, separation methodology, sensitivity or just need some additional training or someone to talk to, give Timothy Reyburn a call!  He can be reached any time and is highly responsive. Tim Reyburn will get to the bottom of your physics, electronics or operational issue with lightning speed and efficiency. Mr. Reyburn has helped many small and large corporations leverage their QC, R&D and stability testing operations and continues to do so with his over 32 years of ELSD experience. Tim Reyburn also volunteers is several local charities and other volunteer organizations he enjoys helping. 

University of Colorado, Denver

Radford University, Virginia

TICOSCEN's Mid-Atlantic HQ
  • We have proven to our customers that BIGGER does not always equal BETTER.Expert and effective servicing of many ELSD models including: Sedere 55/65/75/80/85/90/100/754, Varex: MKI,MKII(A),MKIII. Agilent 1200 and 1260. 
  • PL / Varian ELSD: LC 380, 385, PL2000, PL2100, Agilent 1200 & 1260. 
  • Alltech 500, 800, 2000, 2000 plus, 3300
  • 32 years of experience servicing Preparative Scale HPLC and GC instrumentation.
  • 32 years of specialized experience on Evaporative Light Scattering Detectors and CNLSD detectors.
  • Upgrades, rebuilds,repairs and service contracts available for all Evaporative Light Scattering Detectors.
  • We maintain a complete on-site parts inventory for quick repair turn-around.
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