ELSD Services


Type 1

Calibration and PM service contract:

​For 1 year the customer can have up to 2 (two) clean, calibration, and test routines performed at TICOSCEN on new and out of warranty ELSD Calibration. Return shipping, labor, and parts beyond a standard Type 1 PM are additional.

Type 2

Repair and maintenance service contract:

​For 1 year the customer can have 2 (two) "free repair labor" ELSD Calibration sessions at TICOSCEN. Also, 2ea clean, calibration, and test routines to be performed separately (or in connection with the 2ea repair processes) performed at TICOSCEN after warranty. (Free repair labor at TICOSCEN's service center only). Parts, return shipping, and travel extra. If labor is required on-site, it will be billed at a 25% discount from the normal on-site labor rate.

Type 3

Comprehensive Repair and On-site Maintenance:

For 1 year the customer receives 2 (two) repair session at TICOSCEN which will include free labor for ELSD Calibration. Also, 2ea clean, calibration, and test routines performed at TICOSCEN. (or in connection with the 2 ea repair sessions). And 1 (one) on-site visit with no labor charge. Any additional on- site visits after the first will be billed at a 25% discount from the normal on-site labor rate. All parts, return shipping, and travel expenses for the technician are additional. Repair visits should be scheduled no later than 1 week in advance.

Clean and Test

Provides customer with a Standard Clean, calibration, PM, ELSD Calibration and test procedure for any ELSD sent in for check out. Unit is completely stripped down, cleaned, calibrated, and tested to original factory specifications. Electronic Calibration data, wet test results, and documentation provided to support FDA and ISO 9000 requirements on your ELSD instruments

Customized Contracts

For 1 year the customer can have any of the three above Service Contract types assigned to any quantity of ELSD Calibration. Surface travel expenses, Air travel, lodging1 for the technician may be additional. Parts are also additional, unless otherwise negotiated.
This contract covers ELSD models MKl, MKll, MKll-A, and MKllls in any quantity or mix.

Contract Services Chart

Services included with ELSD Calibration Service Contract:

Loaner units are available to cover you while services are performed under contract! For a nominal charge, this option can be added to any type of contract. Call Ticoscen, Inc. for a quote on custom contracts and loaner options!
Note: Pre-conditions for all contracts:

1. If an ELSD is not functioning, and isn’t under a warranty or service contract, replacement parts and labor will be charged to restore unit to                          specification before issuance of ELSD Calibration service contract.
2. Contracts cover ELSDs that are the specified serial number under contract only.