MKII ELS Detector & MKIII Repair and Upgrade Program Information

MkII ELS Detector Upgrade Program:


​MKII ELS Detector Upgrade
Varex MKII ELS Detector  upgrade to a "Revision Level I". (performance of a MKII-A).
Unit is stripped down and completely rebuilt to the MKII-A specification.
Modifications performed: Upgrade to a 4 mw 620nm laser to a 20mw 780nm laser, photo detector light masking, electronic updates, safety switches, 1/2" straight-through nozzless drift tube, 100 psig pressure gauge, 40 PSIG carrier gas pressure switch, contact closure, and couvette change.
​MKII Upgrade

MKII ELS economical upgrade to a "Revision level II". (performance of a MKII-A)
Unit is partially rebuilt to the latest MKII-A configuration.
IE: 20mw 780nm laser, 1/2" straight-through drift tube, photo detector modifications,
and couvette change.


ELS / ELSD history and current market notes: 

VAREX ELS detectors go all the way back to 1985 with the MKI. The MKII then the MKIIA followed shortly there after. The MKIII ELS was the final ELSD design for VAREX before being purchased by Alltech Associates. Their version of the MKIII became the 500 ELSD and has evolved into the ELSD 2000. ELSD 800 and ELSD 3300.  The ELSD 3300 is the most current model of ELSD that is now being sold by Bucchi. 

Polymer Labs ELS PL2000 is now evolved into the 1200 and 1260 and is owned by Agilent.

Soft ELS detectors are now owned by Teledyne and are currently sold and available there.

SEDERE remains the premier ELSD manufacturing company. They are the most innovative ELS company because that is 
their primary specialty. SEDERE only designs and sells ELSDs and are the most sensitive ELS and ELSDs there are on the market today.

MkIII Upgrade Program:

Level I

​MKIII Upgrade

MKIII ELS Detector is upgraded to a "Revision Level I"  by installing the following items:
IE: Install a mechanically adjustable nebulizer gas flow controller for baseline stability, upgraded o-rings throughout for aggressive solvent compatibility, install hi-spec gas filter, electronic updates to main board, upgrade control software to version 3.2, add jumpers to improve charging rate of battery pack, modify chassis to aid drainage of effluent, perform clean, calibration, and test of unit with supporting documentation.
Other modifications performed as needed depending configuration of unit.


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