GAS AC Mizer

Pays for itself in a few months!


Gas Mizer 2000 plus



  • Control valves, gas supplies and instruments via contact closure, manual control, or internal timer!
  • Two timers with "ON DELAY" or "OFF DELAY" ranges of 10 minutes to 10 hours.
  • Safe and reliable connections using IEC AC connectors and grounding post for positive grounding!
  • Easy on off control of instrumentation loads of up to 10 amps!
  • Flexible design that is easily configured to control other external devices!
  • Externally available 12VDC and 24VDC for controlling other valves and processes!
  • Accepts 90-280 VAC single phase line voltages for use worldwide without switches to change!
  • Small attractive package!
  • Intefaces with all data acquisition stations providing momentary contact closure events!
  • Saves money by conserving gas, reducing power & amp reducing usage hours on sensitive equipment.

Possible Usage's:

  • ​Automatically control the use of Nitrogen, Helium, Air, or other expensive supply gases.
  • Use AC timer to control column heaters, Fluorescence & UV, detectors to conserve lamp hours.
  • Start HPLC solvent sparging Helium by sparging automatically before you arrive at work.
  • Control the use of Nitrogen on any ELSD by cutting off gas at the end of unattended sample runs.
  • Control a solenoid of your choice by connecting it to the rear "External Options" terminals

Gas Mizer 2000



[1] Provide customers with a reliable device that will control scientific instrumentation gas supplies.
[2] Drastically reduce gas usage costs via computer timed "gas on" and "gas off" events window.
The Gas Mizer 2000 for unattndedsample analysis operations ending late night with instruments that use gas.


AC Input: 90-28O VAC, single phase. 
Fuse: 20mm, 1.5 Amps. fast blow. 
Input Signal: TTL, momentary, or constant contact closure. 
Manual Controls: Power switch, push button gas on, 
momentary rocker gas off. 
Indictors:LED indicator for power on. 
DC Witages: 5VDC, 24 VDC. 
Circuitry:Hi current, heavy duty control circuits. 
Max Pressure: 25O psig. 
Gas: Nitrogen, Helium, Argon, compressed air. 
Dimensions: 7" x 5" x 3". 
Weight: 2 lbs. 
Color: Black cover, beige chassis. 
Warranty: 1 year from date of purchase.

Guaranteed 48 hour turnaround on service of this Instrument.

AC Mizer 2000



To allow users control of an AC load via momentary contact closure from a Computer Data Acquisition System (Waters Millineum, Perkin Elmer, HP), mechanical timer, pressure switch, or other devices. Column heaters, Flourescence detectors and many other instruments can be automatically controlled by the AC MIZER 2000!


Dimensions: 5x7x3
Weight: 2 lbs.
Color: Black cover, beige chassis.
Input AC voltage: 120 VAC. (240VAC also available) 
MainFuseValue: l Amp.
Input signal: Momentary contact closure. (TTL capable).
Manual Control: Main power switch, AC Outlet off; AC Outlet on.
Lamps: Power, Control Status.
DC Voltages: 5 VDC.
Circuitry: Hi current SCR, mechanical relays, and Solid State AC relay. 
Max Load: 10 Amps, single phase.
Fuse Load: 10 Amps, Fast Blo.
Outlet: IEC, with adapter cord for 3 prong connections.
[1] Internal timer. 10 minutes to 10 hours selectable "ON" delay or "OFF" delay.
[2] 240 VAC version.